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I have been so very busy lately. In February, my husband and I decided that our old website was becoming dated and needed a fresh facelift. This was a very much needed but incredibly dramatic change for the business. I am still in the process of building up the business. I have at this point added just 1400  of our 5000 available products but it takes time. I am working hard to get everything up by the end of the month.

Project 2: As if the project noted above wasn't enough... I am working with some friends that own a local printing shop. They are moving to a much larger space and have asked if I would be interested in opening a new space. This is something I have been interested in for some time but the timing just wasn't right. I am very excited that the opening should be sometime this month and when it is done I will be posting photos of the NEW retail space....

Project 3: I have put in motion being a vendor at the Wa State Homeschool Convention or WHO Convention. As a homeschooling mom of 4, I have attended this convention in the past and always thought that I should really bring the business to the show. We offer so many educational and learning toys and now with our much larger selection of books it seems like this year may be the right time. I have done most of the prep work for the show but still need to get this site finished so we are ready to promote our family business.

It is truly a very exciting time for us.

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