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Sequence for Kids

Sequence for Kids

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The object of the game is simple, the first player to make a Sequence of 4 chips in a row using only their colored chips, is the winner! This new version of the enduring classic changes things up a little, replacing the usual playing cards with images of animals, both real and fantastic. If you draw the dragon card, you can take away one of any opponent's chip. If you draw the unicorn card, you can place your chip anywhere on the board you like. Sequence for Kids includes a folding game board, cards and chips. Ages 3 and up, 2-4 players. Playing time 30 minutes.

  • The classic game of Sequence made just for kids!
  • Play a card from your hand, and place your chip on the corresponding character on the board - the first with four chips in a row wins!
  • Exciting strategy game helps develop logical thinking skills
  • Reading is not required to play
  • kids ages 3 to 6