Safari Seahorse

Safari Seahorse

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    • Found in shallow tropical and temperate waters all around the world, seahorses are a tiny type of marine fish of which there are over 50 known species. Their name comes from the shape of their head and neck, which is reminiscent of a horse and unique for an aquatic creature.

        • Scientific Name: Genus Hippocampus

        • Characteristics: Here‚Äôs a cool fact: male seahorses actually carry around the fertilized eggs of their young in a unique pouch until they‚Äôre ready to hatch. Learn other awesome facts like this with our amazingly life-like and hand painted wildlife figurines!

        • Size and Color: Although seahorses can come in many different colors, they‚Äôre predominantly brown, tan, white, orange, and, in the case of this figurine, a sunny yellow. 5 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide, this seahorse is about as tall as a soda can and about as wide as the length of a ball point pen cap.

        • The Seahorse is part of the Incredible Creatures¬Æ collection

      • Non-toxic and BPA free
      • Recommended Age: 3+
      • Size: 1.76" L 5.07" H x ( 4.5 cm x 13 cm )