Safari Dinosaurs Quetzalcoatlus

Safari Dinosaurs Quetzalcoatlus

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The magnificent Quetzalcoatlus was the size of a small aircraft and one of the largest flying animals ever. This massive, but delicately built, carnivorous reptile was one of the last of its kind. Like all pterosaurs, an elongate finger supported each of its wing membranes. It soared through the Late Cretaceous skies of North America, 68 million years ago.

    • Scientific Name: Quetzalcoatlus northropi

    • Characteristics: Quetzalcoatlus had a large head with long, toothless jaws and a long, thin neck. It‚Äôs small, fuzzy body supported its winged arms, which could grow to an impressive wingspan of up to 35 ft.

    • Size and Color: This realistic model is 7.25 inches long and has a wingspan of 8.75 inches. It is brown with a stunning pink and blue head.

    • The Quetzalcoatlus is part of the Wild Safari¬Æ Prehistoric World collection

  • Non-toxic and BPA free