Black Widow Spider

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  • LARGE CREEPY CRAWLY ‚Äì Instead of hanging in a web waiting for unsuspecting insects, our Hidden Kingdom Black Widow Spider is waiting for a home. These astonishing spiders paralyze prey trapped in their webs with powerful venom and then liquefy their flesh with digestive juices. Although their venom is 15 times more poisonous than a rattlesnake's, their painful bites are usually not deadly to humans because they inject such a small amount. This replica is soft to touch and features a blood-red hourglass on its belly.
  • PART OF THE HIDDEN KINGDOM COLLECTION ‚Äì Explore a realm few ever get to see up close, where everything creeps, crawls, or flies! Our Black Widow Spider is part of the Hidden Kingdom Collection, which includes oversized replicas for closer inspections, especially useful for inquisitive young eyes.
  • MADE WITH INDUSTRY-LEADING STANDARDS ‚Äì Like all Safari Ltd products, the Safari Ltd Hidden Kingdom Black Widow Spider has been individually hand painted, features quality construction from safe, phthalate and lead-free materials, and includes an educational hangtag in 5 languages.
  • REALISTIC APPEARANCE FOR MULTIPLE USES ‚Äì Don‚Äôt say we didn‚Äôt warn you! The Safari Ltd Hidden Kingdom Black Widow Spider is bigger than a real black widow but is still terrifyingly realistic. Life-like, educational, and fun, this figurine is suitable for a range of interests, including collectors, enthusiasts, teachers, and kids.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS ‚Äì Measures 7‚ÄùL x 4.7‚ÄùW x 2‚ÄùH. For ages 3 and up.